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Antelope Valley Beekeepers

 A growing organization of greater Antelope Valley area beekeepers and other honeybee enthusiasts meets monthly to share knowledge and concerns regarding honeybees and beekeeping issues.  The group is now meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, see 'Home Page' for current location.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend and need not be an active beekeeper.  For information on future meetings watch this web site or you may call Greg at 661-942-2822.

​ Some participants are producing and selling local honey and other beehive products and some are also doing live removal and relocation of both honeybee swarms and established bee colonies in response to bee nuisance calls from the public -- a very important service.  Terms will depend upon the individual(s) doing the service and likely may vary with how easily accessible the bees are, the time it takes, and the distance the beekeeper must travel.

See the listing below for contact info regarding these products and services.  In obtaining any of these products or services one is dealing with the individual(s), not AVB.  While the highest level of ethics is expected, the Antelope Valley Beekeepers association has neither control over nor responsibility for the charges for or quality of any product or service obtained from any person listed